Dr. Seth Leali

Dr. Seth Leali is a Forest Hills Central graduate and long-time member of the community of Grand Rapids. After injuries from high-school sports left Dr. Leali with a shoulder and a hip labral repair he became obsessed with the rehab and performance world. At Grand Valley State University he received a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science with a clinical emphasis and began pursuing a career in strength and conditioning. While still in school Dr. Leali spent time interning with Barwis Methods training. He would go on to graduate from GVSU and become a strength and conditioning specialist where he was in charge of GVSU’s women’s lacrosse team as well as working independently for The Facility Training Center in Kentwood Michigan. After being unsatisfied with not knowing the answer to the questions that plagued his athletes, Dr. Leali left for Chicago with his wife and 6-week-old daughter to become a Chiropractor. While in Chicago Dr. Leali was exposed to the world of rehab and was able to travel and study from some of the best clinicians in the world through the McKenzie Institute as well as Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization. Dr. Leali has a passion for helping others and wants to bring a refreshing approach to Chiropractic care by blending his experience in various fields in a personal one on one treatment that allows people to feel heard and be given the attention they deserve. Dr. Leali has now returned to his home town with his wife, daughter and two dogs (Boone and Scout) and are looking forward to serving the community while they grow their family.

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Paradigm Sport and Spine LLC treats all forms of pain and dysfunction. Dr. Leali believes in taking a step-wise approach to assess how your body moves and carries its tension in order to offer a personalized one-on-one treatment session that can provide results in a little as 3 to 5 sessions. It is important to understand that no two people are the same and all conditions come with their own time frame.

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